Spooky and Mischief update!


It has been over six months since I took the boys home with me and I wanted to share a quick update. They are hands down the friendliest, cuddliest cats I have ever met. In May, I was told my work is relocating me to Italy in June for a six month short term assignment. My roommate was not volunteering to take care of them in our house for the time I was gone (which is totally fair), so I took them to my parents house in Michigan. The boys are currently Detroiters and they have done amazing with the transition. They were so well behaved on an eight hour car ride! I cannot thank you enough for the calming spray, it really worked wonders. They showed no signs of distress and slept for a majority of the car ride. I purchased a large dog crate and they had plenty of space to roam, stretch, and get super cosy for the long car ride. Luckily I was with them for a week while they transitioned to a new house, although they had zero issues settling into a new house. It was definitely much harder for me to leave them than it was for them to leave me! I currently am living in Rome and I miss them everyday. My family is obsessed with them and their loving personalities. I have a feeling they will have a hard time giving them back to me after I am back in New Jersey. Spooky has been having for ear wax trouble and has been getting infections. We are on a constant ear cleaning regimen for him and although he is still producing lots of wax, the infections are less frequent because there isn’t a buildup. Mischief is quite the ladies man! He barely gives me mom two seconds after she sits down to plop himself on her lap, and my mom is so in love. Here are some pictures for you and your staff. Hope everything is well!

Best Regards,

IMG_0455 IMG_0497 IMG_0319 IMG_0023

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