Trap-neuter/spay-return is the only method of controlling the feral cat population that is both effective and humane.

A cat is considered feral when it grows up in the wild from birth or is a lost or abandoned pet that reverts back to wild behavior to survive. If left alone, feral cats are susceptible to disease and can produce massive amounts of offspring that can result in large cat colonies.

Through TNR, feral cats are trapped, spayed/neutered and vaccinated and then returned to the exact location where they were found. This program prevents hundreds of unwanted litters each year. It reduces the feral cat population in the communities we serve and helps these homeless cats live happier, healthier lives.

Caring For Feral Cats

Community Cats returns feral cats to their original locations after surgery and vaccinations. We then continue to care for these cats with daily feedings and our snug outdoor houses that give them shelter from the elements.

Kittens and friendly adult cats are taken into foster care to be socialized with the goal of adoption. We are very proud of our adoption statistics. Over 350 kittens and adult cats each year are in permanent, loving homes due to our efforts.

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