My boyfriend Randy and I were searching for a young mixed breed puppy to rescue when we saw a post on PetFinder.com for a bunch of adorable beagle/lab mix puppies. We drove to Northwind Kennels a few days later to meet the puppies, who were all SO adorable! Whitney, aka “Mascara” was a sweet little cuddler who was a little bit more shy than the others.
When we decided that she was the one we were both exited and terrified! We were gonna have a new puppy and there was lots to learn and prepare before we came back to pick her up the next week.

I spent the next week obsessively reading puppy books and shopping for all the things we’d need for our pup, who we were going to name Lea, spelled differently, but pronounced the same as Princess Leia from Star Wars.

We came to pick her up on Friday, April 24th and we were so excited and nervous. We had her pink collar and name tag ready to strap on her, and take her to her new home.


This was our first family picture! Lea was finally coming home with us.

Here are a few other pictures from our first day home with Lea. Not surprisingly, she was a little shaken up when she got to our home. It was a whole new place for her! But in a few days, she shook off her fears and was on her way to becoming the happy puppy she is today.

IMG_6250 IMG_6253

Lea loves to play with her toys. She is an award-winning chewer! She loves plush toys and squeaky toys that she can pull all the stuffing out of. At least it’s not our pillows! She loves to lay in the grass, but her most favorite thing of all is a good belly rub! Lea is also slowly but surely becoming a fan of the water. We like to go hiking with her where she can go in the river and play. Lea has two cat siblings, Sam and Dexter, who she loves very much.

The biggest joy of having Lea in our family is the love she gives to us. She gives the best greetings when we come home, and she loves to give kisses. We love taking her out in public, and she loves the attention she gets!

Thank you Northwind Kennels for giving us this beautiful bundle of joy. We feel so lucky to have her in our family.
Randy Krausman + Allison Chefec

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  1. Lisa G. says:

    GOOD FOR YOU…… now don’t you think she needs a brother or sister:)???

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