Patches and Hennessy

This pair of pitties is a mother and daughter, Patches and Hennessy.
They lived their lives in cages, forced to breed so their owners could sell their puppies.
The heroic Amanda Scarcella heard of their plight and knew she had to help. Amanda’s mom was an amazing dog rescuer who lost her battle with cancer a while back. With her mothers spirit guiding Amanda all the way, she arranged to save the two dogs, have them properly vetted for the first time in their lives, and began the laborious process of finding a rescue to take them. She called almost 20 different local shelters and rescue organizations, and not one would help.

Then she found Rescue Right.
We said “yes” to these sweet, deserving dogs.
The miracle?
They were adopted together today, and tonight they are spending the first night of their lives as beloved pets instead of puppy machines.
It was a joy to be a part of this adoption story.
I’m sure the wonderful Dianne Scarcella is smiling down from heaven!