Lucy’s story: nine month old Lucy was found wandering the streets by one of our employees. The routine blood work done as part of her vet care gave us some bad news- Lucy was one of the handful of cats we take in each year that test positive for the feline leukemia virus (FeLV). This virus is contagious to other felines and many rescue groups chose to euthanize any cat that tests positive. Since Lucy is so young, and appears quite healthy despite her diagnosis, she was listed for adoption. Guess what? This very nice woman applied for Lucy, and drove 4 hours to get her! She has no other cats at the moment, so no worries about transmitting the virus. 

Today was Lucy’s special day as she left with her pretty new mama to begin her life all over again, off the street, as a beloved pet.

Thanks as always to our fabulous adoption coordinator Danielle for making the match!!

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